Dallas Market

Dallas Market was so much fun!

Found lots of pretty fall and winter pieces I hope y’all will love at Market! There’s so much to see, it can be a little overwhelming 😳😅 Took a video and put it on Instagram and Facebook for y’all to see how huge it was here! 🛍

I took my time and put my heart into each piece and made sure as much as I can to find pieces that I hope y’all will feel amazing in and have the best memories in 💗 That’s what Giddy Up Jo is all about. I want to see you girls shine and so happy in your outfits! 🥰 

Ready for market ❤️! #giddyupjo #gottago 🐎 the rental car place gave me a red mustang here and I love it! My truck back home is not as fun I have to say lol 😂 I hope y’all love the fall/winter outfits I found for you beautiful girls. 💞🛍

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